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Cataract Surgery in Kannur
Everything You Need to Know About Cataract Surgery Costs and the Medisep Scheme

A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye, which leads to a decrease in vision. Congenital cataracts may be present at birth or appear shortly after, or at some time during infancy or childhood. Age-related cataracts appear later in life and are the most common type. Noor Malabar Eye Hospital can help you with everything you need to know about cataract surgery, costs and the Medisep scheme. We will be exploring what is cataract surgery? how much cataract surgery costs, whether or not it is painful, and what the Medisep scheme is and how it can help cover the cost of cataract surgery.



Family history

Long term exposure to bright light


Eye injury


Radiation therapy

Taking steroids

Previous eye inflammation

How it affects your vision

Your vision becomes blurry, cloudy or misty

Seeing colours as faded

You can’t see well at night

Humps, sunlight or headlamps are seen too bright

You see things in double

Changing prescription for glasses often

best eye hospital Kannur

What is Cataract surgery?

Cataract surgery is a surgical procedure to remove cataracts, which are cloudy areas that form on the lens of the eye. Cataracts can impair vision, making it difficult to see clearly. Cataract surgery is usually performed under local anaesthesia and involves removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with a clear artificial lens. The procedure typically takes about 15 minutes, and most patients have improved vision immediately after surgery. Although it can be uncomfortable, cataract surgery is not usually painful. In fact, many patients experience relief from the cloudy vision caused by their cataracts.
In Kannur, India, the Medisep scheme has been put in place to help those in need receive affordable cataract surgery. This scheme helps cover the cost of cataract surgery for low-income individuals, allowing them to access the care they need.

When must a cataract be removed

Having trouble looking after yourselves or someone else

Cannot drive or finds driving difficult

Find it hard to see or recognize people’s faces

Have problems doing your job

Cannot read or watch television properly

Has problems leaving the house

How much does cataract surgery cost?

Cataract surgery is one of the most common and successful surgeries in the world. It typically involves removing the clouded lens from the eye and replacing it with an artificial lens. The cost of cataract surgery will depend on the type of procedure being done, the complexity of the case, and the experience of the surgeon. Generally, cataract surgery can cost anywhere between Rs. 20000 to Rs. 1,50000 per eye. In some cases, health insurance may cover part or all of the cost. For those who do not have health insurance, or who need financial assistance for cataract surgery, there is a Medisep scheme available in India. At Noor Malabar Eye Hospital Kannur-Kerala, we facilitate cataract surgery with medisep scheme. The Medisep scheme provides free cataract surgery to those who qualify.





Is cataract surgery painful?

Cataract surgery is a relatively pain-free procedure; however, some patients may experience mild discomfort due to the eye drops and anesthetic that are used. The most common sensations reported by patients are pressure and tugging. It is important to note that Cataract surgery should not cause any long-term pain or damage to the eye. In most cases, patients can see the results of their surgery immediately after the procedure. The team at Noor Malabar Eye Hospital Kannur, India, has years of experience performing successful Cataract surgeries with minimal discomfort for patients. We also offer the Medisep scheme, which helps to reduce the cost of Cataract surgery for those who qualify.

What is the Medisep scheme?

The Medisep scheme is a special program that provides financial assistance to individuals needing cataract surgery. This scheme was initiated by the Indian government to make cataract surgery more affordable for those who cannot otherwise afford it. The scheme covers the entire cost of cataract surgery, which can be very expensive in some areas. It also covers the cost of medications and other supplies needed for the surgery.
The Medisep scheme is an important resource for individuals who are suffering from poor vision due to cataracts. Not only does it provide them with financial support to cover the cost of their cataract surgery, but it also makes the procedure much less painful than if they were to pay for it out of pocket. With the Medisep scheme, individuals can receive cataract surgery at an affordable rate, allowing them to have their vision improved without having to worry about the costs associated with the procedure.

Types of Intraocular lens

Monofocal IOLS

It is a fixed-strength lens that is set for one level of vision usually distance. Then they wear eyeglasses for reading or close work.

Multifocal IOLS

These IOLS provide both distance and near focus at the same time.

Accommodative IOLS

These lens moves or changes shape inside your eye, allowing focusing at different distances.

Modern Micro-Surgery(MICS)

Recent advancements have made the microsurgery extremely safe and totally painless, with a daycare stay of only a few hours.

Recovery is quick and one can go back to the routine at the earliest.

No injection, no pain, no bandage microsurgery

Self-healing, no stitch tunnel incisions

Excellent endothelial protection with visco procedures standard or premium (Aspherical, MICs, TORIC and Multifocal) Intraocular Lenses (IOLs)

Presbyopia correction

Safe solutions for highly complicated situations.

treatment of a cataract by a surgical method